Little Things


November 2012 I made a little tool for downloading torrents more conveniently as a joke more than anything else. The idea was that you should be able to type “pirate get ” from the commend line and just get it with no more user interaction. It seems that some people like it. It also lets you take advantage of the torrents containing the pirate bay database that’s periodically published. It’s available here:

Cosmyc Vybes

In 2010 I made a website for a friend of a friend. It’s all done from scratch. It uses a very basic custom content management system.

E-mail Extractor

This is a tool for extracting the emails from text. I’m sure spammers use tools like this to get emails from various sources. Well, not exactly like this – they use web spiders. The original idea was to prove that chain mail is more than an annoyance. It’s also another way for spammers to get more email addresses they know are legitimate. This lets anyone see the number of emails that can be extracted from a chain letter they received. The sad fact is that those who get the chain letters have no control over the fact that their emails are being passed on.

There is also a more powerful, but slower version which can defeat some obfuscation techniques.

Early Web Design

We must all remember that we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes. However, none of us like to admit that they ever happened. Therefore, I have kept this page brief, but know that everyone has more failures than successes.

My first website was an artistically horrifying site about hackers who wear hoods. I also created many forums that lived, gained popularity and died. Aside from that, I think this is my first attempt at making a good looking website layout. It was to help a project that a friend of my parents had.

I guess CaptionSearch was not significantly better (or at all better) but that’s because I never actually designed the layout. It just kind of evolved. Waterloo Co-op Map is an example of a better design.

Lab Data Generator

High school physics labs were not exactly the most exciting. That’s why I wrote a little script to help then finish faster. It generates a table of points in a straight line. Useful when you have to make up some data. No animals have been harmed and no scientific lies have been told during the creation of this program.

Risk Meter

I volunteered at the Cardiac Foundation of Canada in grade 11. I ended up designing a “risk meter”, which was an interactive and simple way for people to find out how high their risk of heart problems is. I originally made it using just JavaScript, but it was reimplemented in flash later by someone else.

Volunteer info page:

Risk meter in action:

Schedule Visualizer

This all started when I stumbled upon Jon’s “schedule displayer thingy”. That’s about as much as I know about the original coder. I took it and made it work with our school’s schedules.

This was done in PHP using a giant regular expression to understand the school’s format (which was never intended for non-humans). There are obvious limitations in terms of the length of class names. It also cannot understand schedules that change from week to week, which are sometimes possible at our school.

Either way it works in most cases and it was pretty fun coding it, so that’s all that matters. There isn’t a huge demand for something like this, so whatever.

Edit: The next version is at

Text Converter

This little JavaScript page is pretty powerful. With a few minor modifications it can map any combination of characters to any other combination of characters, thus producing a very modular script for converting regular text to l33t, Morse code or upside-down text and back.


This is a place to store text files online. This is the public version without password protection. The password is “pass”. The private version has a different password. I wrote this in PHP (using sessions and text files) one night when I realized that I would like to keep track of a list of quotes and inside jokes with my friends on a place where we can all access it.


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