Here’s a list of some of the hackathon projects I’ve worked on (mostly chronological order):


Hackathon: LinkedIn internal hack day June 2013
Description: A ladder system designed to be used to rank employees within a company according to their foosball/ping pong skill. It can be used for any sport. It ranks players using PageRank. It is still being used at LinkedIn.

Bus Pointer

Hackathon: LinkedIn Toronto February 2013
Description: A mobile/web app to find bus schedules at the bus stop around you.
Source: https://github.com/AliceYuan/LinkedinHackTransit


Hackathon: LinkedIn internal hack day November 2012
Description: A framework for adding useful tools to webpages on which you are currently working. Similar to firebug, but the idea is to make it easy for developers to create new custom internal tools for their specific use cases.


Hackathon: Tagged March 2012
Description: A node.js library for interfacing with the (still in development) StigDB

Pinger Ponger

Hackathon: Node Knockout 3
Description: A massively multiplayer online physics based Pong game
Demo: http://youtu.be/gSeds9jMVBs?t=1m36s
Twitter: (@pingerpongerapp) https://twitter.com/pingerpongerapp


Hackathon: Papaya Winter 2012
Description: Something About Zombies I Guess (SRTZIG) is a an Android game using the Papaya game engine where you ride around on your biyicle and deliver newspapers to houses while being chased by zombies.


Hackathon: Facebook and Windows 8 2012
Description: Windows 8 app that lets you log in with Facebook, pick two friends and it combines their faces into one by doing face detection and image manipulation.

Turn Kik

Hackathon: Kik 2011
Description: A framework for turn based games over text message / Kik messenger (for Android).

Node RPG

Hackathon: Node Knockout 2
Description: A massively multiplayer online RPG using Canvas.
More info: /blog/2011/09/01/node-knockout-node-rpg/

Kindle arxiv.org papers

Hackathon: Facebook
Description: A Kindle application to search for, re-format and download academic papers from arxiv.org


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